kitten__noir (diekatze1) wrote in foodieated,

breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

i'm sorry guys. i have tried and tried and TRIED to get it all to go under one as well as multiple cuts! it does NOT want to agree with me, and im giving up now.


My first attempt at french toast. Turned out pretty tasty. Pictured here with butter, syurp and a cold, tall glass of 2% milk.


Cold cut combo with american cheese, onions, lettuce tomato and olives with ranch dressing on italian herb and cheese bread. Smooshed because my boyfriend and I went to Legoland and didn't want to have to pay outrageous food and drink prices.


After going to Legoland, my boyfriend and I were hungry and so we went to Home Town Buffet. Similar to Golden Corrale and Old Country Buffet.

Boston Seafood Salad, aka Krab salad, Caesear salad and cottage cheese

My boyfriend's salad. looks like spinach, onions, cheese, olives, jalepenos, facon (fake bacon) and ranch dressing.

Clam chowder with cheese and sour cream garnish

Sausage pizza slice, seasoned green beans with onions, spaghetti with parmesean cheese, teryaki chicken with pineapple

Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream soft-serve, rice krispy treat and a spoonfull of my boyfriend's orange sorbet.
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