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So my brother is an executive chef at the restaurant Soma. So last night, my brother's girlfriend, my mother and I all went out to eat there.

So I was looking at the menu and I didn't see any duck, which made me kind of upset cause I really like duck a lot, and I know my brother cooks duck really well. BUT NO DUCK. But then...

Apparently, my brother made us this special duck dish. It was duck (I dno how it was prepared) with a tomato salsa and a pickled cucumber (I think?).

They also had a huge selection of martinis! This was the Key Lime Pie Martini. Skyy Vanilla vodka, Irish Cream, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, and what tasted like crust crumbs around the rim! It tasted just like a Key Lime Pie, until I got to the end and it was like, vodka with a little lime. It was also reaaaaaally heavy and I could not finish it!

This was my appetizer! The Grilled Portuguese Octopus; came with warm salad of roasted potato, artichokes, green beans, olives and capers. Thankfully there were only about 2 olives, cause I hate olives. But the octopus was reaaaally good.

This looks hideous in the photo D: It was a Baked Stuffed Roasted Eggplant, stuffed with fresh mozzarella and roasted garlic atop white stewed beans. I had never had eggplant that tasted like that before. It was kinda herby and spicy, but reaaaaaally good. Also, the white beans were god damn incredible. It looks ugly in this photo, but IRL it looked pretty good!!

And then for dessert I shared a Crème Brulee which was really good. It had some spice in it I had never had in a Crème Brulee before and it like, made it ten times better.

So yeah, I ate a lot. Sorry the photos are shitty, but it was dark in there, and then the plates were all white D:
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